Anonymous Credit Cards

bmgVisa credit cards will allow you to have easy access to working capital provided, the advantage of buying goods, support and pay corporate accounts. These are the ideal business partner to help you achieve the ambitions of business. Your bmgVisa Credit Cards is an access for you readily have access to credit for working capital, purchase of raw materials and the ability of the services and pay the bills of the business. This is the perfect remedy for your business.

Exclusive Unlimited Credit Card

  • Personal Cash ATM Card
  • Offered on first time USD or Eur denominated MasterCard is right up your alley!
  • Our leprechaun has been able to persuade our source to issue an extremely limited number of these impressive MasterCard ATM/Debit Cards for our customers.
  • Daily POS spending limit

      – Eur 25,000

Bizline™ Visa Business

  • The automatic enrollment in the bmgRewards loyalty project
  • You can earn 1 bonus point for every dollar the United States (or local equivalent) of purchases made with the card, up to $ 500,000 the total annual expenditure
  • Redeem your points and feel the benefits of the wide range of binuses!

Visa Business

  • Car travel accident free Auto Services
  • The acceptance of a million stores and online sites anywhere in the world
  • Access to Visa Virtual Advisor

Anonymous Credit Card charge and feess:

  • All credit cards and debit cards have no annual limit on a charge and withdraw via an ATM.
    Daily limit to withdraw funds through an ATM in the world is $ 4,000.
    Each of our clients can have 4 credit cards or debit cards.
    Charging a debit card is through Home Banking for any amount, taking into account the availability of funds in the account..

At the request of any customer of our bank credit card can be done without a name, number and logo signs. That is only the color of the background paper remains absolutely saved. All data license will be notified via e-mail encryption