Reduce operating costs – during the early stages of your company will receive 50 free checks * FREE monthly benefits of account opening and low operating cost of the service per month decreased for the first 3 months

Bank free 24-hour access at any time – accounts through bank accounts in the Internet, transfer funds and more to keep track

Reconcile bank accounts – easily through the dual system of check writing and bank statement registration numbers of voucher

Regular messages automation – the payments will be able to solve the payments prior to authorization of regular posts to cover the obligations

Eliminates the need for money to pay for the purchase and bills – 24 hour account access to the accounts 7 days a week through our network Instant Teller ATM, other financial institutions and commercial sites where available

Balances & Fees

  • Minimum amount is required to open this account
  • The monthly service charge for the last working day of the month
  • No monthly service fees for the first 3 months of operation
  • 2 A 2 debts and free credits per month (items include common combinations with checks paid, in-branch to branch deposit and withdrawal)
  • Instant Teller transactions are not included
  • Contact the branch for more information about the minimum amount and monthly service fee

Special Conditions

In addition to banking in BMG Teller snapshot is available only to those companies which includes one of the following categories:

The owner / operator is

The business account is signed only one, in which you need to have an account

The merchant account is a plus sign and a single signature is necessary to conduct transactions on the account. Fees are levied for collection and to conduct non-ATM BMG survey

To access the Instant Teller Cash withdrawals are 24 hours, Mini-statements, and other transactions with the BMG Card

Fees are levied for collection and to conduct non-ATM BMG survey

Product features depending on the location. Please contact your local branch for more informations.

Additional Features

  • Unlimited Type of control:
  • The first 50 pages are free to control the opening of the account (applies to standard controls are not customized versions)
  • Personalized checks are available in a variety of styles and scenes, the fee is charged for printing
  • All controls are magnetically (MICR) encoded with sequential numbering
  • The government can impose Stamp Duty
  • How to stop the payment instrument is available for a fee
  • FREE Internet Banking with payments of invoices. Some operations (eg, wire transfers), will attract individual payments
  • A declaration FREE is only available through our Internet Banking service
  • A mini-FREE declaration last 10 transactions are guaranteed through our Instant Teller
  • To send notifications, you may be asked to pay
  • The reports will be sent to customers of banks, Internet access
  • The FREE 24 – hour Automated Telephone Banking
  • A mechanism discovered BMG can be defined in account in accordance with the agreement and meet the qualification criteria
  • Customers should not have any permission to submit to testing, if the funds are not held to account
  • Measures may be taken to set the orders against the customer’s account to pay bills and loans, and to make transfers between accounts