Consumer Loans


  • By car or boat to your desire
  • You can choose the land piece you’ve never dreamed of getting
  • Relax with a joyful holiday for you and your family
  • Cover the costs of education
  • Pay the cost of medical care
  • Cover other personal expenses


  • The minimum that you need a ???? Only a low deposit – which can be also of only 10%. There is no limit to how much you can borrow a time that you can meet your obligations
  • We develop a project around your budget – we work with you to develop an advanced payment scheme that suits your budget to the maximum. Apply our Budget Planner to estimate the amount that you can borrow
  • When the loan is approved, you set the date on which you are able to make your monthly payment on the loan. We can also help arrange for coverage loan paid automatically from your account
  • Because of the interest you pay is tied to the current market rates of interest they earn discounts when market rates fall
  • Rate of interest is calculated daily on the balance of your loan degrading minimizing costs


  • Allow you the time to repay – Loans are available for terms up to five years *
  • We also provide extended terms – up to 15 years for the loan to purchase land

  • *Long time are available and apply for the loan terms can be negotiated. Some fees may be charged. People aged 18 and over can only apply for the loan

Required Documents

  • National identity card or passport must be provided
  • Housing expenses bill – telephone, water, electricity or similar – to confirm your residential address
  • A letter from your employer and writing confirmation of the most recent salary report
  • Copies of recent bank statements (in case if you apply for a loan the first time)