Creditor Life Insurance

Creditor Life Insurance

The Creditor Life Plane is a good decision for you if you have a credit card, current account credit, mortgage or any other loan. It is proposed to cover any existing non-payment in full in the event of death, critical illness or serious injury resulting from an accident. This suggests that it is possible to eliminate or manage your debts more easily over time of the time physically and emotionally demanding. It also ensures that you, your family or guarantors should not be troubled about the debt burden in difficulty.Offered only in CAYMAN ISLANDS.

Life and Accidental Differentiation

  • 100% coverage of the space – to US $ 375,000 for up to 30 years (35 years can be negotiated)
  • 100% coverage on consumer loans up to $ 150,000 – up to 7 years
  • Coverage of 100% on balances of credit cards and overdraft – up to $ 25,000
  • Coverage for people aged 18 to 65 – coverage ends at age 70
  • No requirements for medical coverage of the underlying receivables US $ 100,000 for mortgages
  • There are no special requirements for medical consumer loans, credit cards or bank account
  • The coverage for a maximum of three co-financiers
  • Rate of life is guaranteed for the life of the loan unless the loan is in default or negotiated times

Accidental Differentiation

  • This entry covers the loss in case of injury sustained body through external means, violent and accidental
  • The coverage ranges from 25% to 100% depending on the performance of the loss
  • 100% coverage is compensated for the loss of both hands, feet or sight of both eyes
  • The 50% is paid for the loss of a hand or a foot or the view in a loss of eye
  • 25% is paid for loss of thumb and finger on the same hand
  • Loss of implementation must be permanent, total, irrevocable and continuing for a period of 12 months from the date of the accident
  • Compensation automatically included with your credit card and overdraft

Critical Disease

  • Compensazione delle tre malattie e totale, invalidità permanente
  • Copertura del 100% sui mutui e crediti al consumo fino a 75.000 USD
  • La copertura è inclusa automaticamente con la carta di credito e la copertura scoperto
  • Copertura per le persone a partire dall’età di 18 fino a 65 – la copertura termina a 70 anni

  • Compensazione fino a 30 anni