Fixed Deposits

Exercise your option to earn more interest

If you have free funds to set aside that you do not need immediately – why not give it a good performance? Make your money really work for you with a helping hand from Mendes Gans Bank N.V..This is not difficult. You can do a bunch Financial as a deposit with us for a fixed period of your choice … and you’re on your way to getting high yields guaranteed. It ‘really the smart way to stretch your money.

A bmgFixed Deposit is ideal for

  • Serious Savers – Who is saving toward a goal and is eager to get faster …
  • First time investors – Anyone who is preparing to explore the advantage of earning a higher interest rate
  • Retirees – accrued interest from one or more fixed deposits is a major source of extra money inflow
  • Companies – Companies with cash entering positive, which can generate more interest if invested wisely
  • Community service and charitable organizations, units of groups, associations, etc. – These groups may want to put the funds on deposit for a specified period of time to take advantage of the interest margin higher.

Applying for your Fixed Deposit is quick and EASY

  • Just walk into any branch of the bmgand speak with one of our specialists Personal Banker
  • You will need to have a piece of valid photo identification (eg driver’s license, passport) and acceptable proof of your current address
  • Our prices are competitive Top. We invite you to take a Commission report on your branch of service. This gives you up-to-date on our bank charges