Merchant Services

MENDES GANS BANK N.V.  Merchant Services offers you a convenient choice to accept payments by credit card and debit cards.

Your needs are personalized with profit the latest technology transaction processing.

Key Benefits

  • Payment options and sales opportunities enlargement clients
  • Makes it better cash flow and credit card purchases for your business’ account in the next business day
  • Minimizes security risks and costs that have cash on the spot
  • Provides customer service by increasing the speed of transactions and efficiency
  • Reliable electronic environment for processing transactions
  • Minimizes the number of visits banking

Important Features

  • A single POS terminal high-speed accept major credit cards – local and international debit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Ensures card processing solutions integrated on-line and e-commerce
  • Dual-currency processing
  • Customer Service 24 hours, more efficient technical support from a team of sales and reliable service
  • Transaction processing tailored to match various business operations