Mortgage Accounts

Home Ownership Simply Makes Good Sense

  • We really easy and low payments with paying down long-term
  • We offer up to 95% financing with mortgage indemnity insurance on most of the territories. 35 years repayment period
  • 35 years repayment period for the loan

Documentation Requiredn

  • Documentation for the application:
  • Identity card or passport for identification
  • Each Community bill to confirm your address of residence
  • Letter from your employer and your most recent paycheck
  • Your bank statements, copies (if you’re a new customer)
  • Contract of Sale: If you want to buy a property. It should be a letter from the person selling the property
  • Construction plan and the estimate for the construction approved. Estimate should contain construction plan and cost breakdown
  • Property Estimation: you will need to provide this for the purchase or construction of a house or apartment