Mendes Gans Bank N.V. provides a process for 5 minutes to apply online for your personal loan.

What’s more, we will give USD 300 * on the success of disbursement of the personal loan.


Mendes Gans Bank N.V. provides a process for 5 minutes to apply online for the loan. What’s more, we will give USD 300 * on the success of the disbursement of your loans. Apply today and enjoy the benefits that come with being a valuable customer DIB.


Higher Loan Amounts

Borrow up to USD 500,000 depending on your monthly salary and length of employment.

Competitive Prices

Our loans offer competitive interest rates with no hidden costs. What you see is what you pay.

Flexible Repayments

We offer tenures up to 48 months, helping to organize your financial commitments comfortably.

Fast Processing

We process loans quickly and efficiently, without cumbersome procedures.


Simple Eligibility

Loans are available to Cayman Islands residents working for companies approved by Mendes Gans Bank N.V.

Top-Up Loan

If you need additional financing loan During your tenure, we offer you to top up as long as you’ve made regular repayments **.

Value Added Services Banking

Enjoy a wide range of banking services including a free international debit card and a personalized checkbook.

No Minimum Balance

We waive the minimum balance requirement on your transaction account During your loan period.

Installment Deferment Option

We understand That festivals, holidays or unforeseen events can sometimes demand greater expenditure than you expect, so we offer you the convenience of being Able to postpone your monthly payments twice a year **.

Take-Over Facilities

If You Already have a loan with another bank but want to take advantage of our competitive terms, we can help you transfer your loan to us. Our sales representative will Ensure That the process is fast and hassle-free **.

Convenient Banking

Enjoy the freedom of 24-hour banking, 365 days a year, wherever you are in the world. You can choose from any of the latest automated banking services:

  • online Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Breeze Mobile Banking
  • ATMs at blackberries than
  • 100 convenient locations
  • Cash and checks deposit machines at select branches in the Cayman Islands.

Pay Utility Bills

Utility bill payment across the Cayman Islands.


Offer Terms and Conditions:

  • You can apply for personal loan application in 5 minutes, depending on your system’s capabilities, Internet speed and the size of documents to be uploaded.
  • Remember, only the successful applications made and submitted online and payments are eligible for USD 300 cash back. USD 300 cash back would be credited to your account with us within 60 days of the release of funds to your account. In case you have applied for a loan Take Over, USD 300 would be credited to your account within 60 days of the second disbursement. No cash back would happen if the second payment is not made within 60 days from the date of booking of loan.
  • The loans are granted at the discretion of Standard Mendes Gans Bank N.V.  Bank. Application Personal Loan / finance will be processed only after all required documents have been received and are believed to be correct and in line with the requirements of the Bank.