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Are you new to the mammoth world of banking? Do you wish to safeguard your funds in the right offshore bank? If yes, you are likely to search for “best offshore banks” in the world. This is a common, and a trending search in Google. Many a times, people believe that their hard earned money would disappear when they shift it to an offshore account. Well, developed countries have a special way of maintaining, and protecting money. You will be fascinated to know that the United States of America ranks only #40 in the list of stable and customer friendly banking systems. Most of the time, banks in USA are subject to severe financial crisis. With this being said, here are few other countries that have the best offshore banks.

#1 Germany

The list of best offshore banking destinations begins with Germany. This is the homeland of “KFW”. And, KfW is one of the world’s safest names in banking. According to Global Finance, KfW has everything a customer would look for in their banking experience. Apart from this bank, you have six of the world’s most reliable and safest bank in Germany. This includes names like NRW Bank, L-Bank, and Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank. Germans are known to have sound skills in economy. This is why their banking methods are very stable, and taken seriously. The level of secrecy and efficiency in Germany’s banking methods cannot be found elsewhere. In fact, you will not find it in other countries that speak German (this includes Switzerland, and Austria). Investing money in Germany is all about capital controls. Even when the whole continent went bankrupt, the German banking system remained attractive.

#2 Switzerland

Next in line would be the Swiss banking platform. The banking systems in Switzerland are very synonymous to the rest of the world. This is a well-developed European country which is termed as the standard for stable money. The world’s second safest bank would be Zurcher Kantonalbank, and it is located in Switzerland. For generations, people have always dreamt about owning a bank account in Swiss. This destination was once a major tax haven. In fact, it was identified as the only tax haven around. But now, the purpose of Switzerland has changed considerably, and it has plenty of other offshore purposes. Though Switzerland is no longer the best place for bank secrecies, you need to invest in this country for it is hardly corrupted. The place sticks to old school rules for storing gold and money. Additionally, you have zero restrictions on how much money can be taken into and outside the country.

#3 Netherland

Netherland is another safe destination for banking needs. Even though the country is going through a bit of a trouble in the past few days, it is great for starting offshore accounts. Most bank accounts in this country are carefully protected by a bank deposit insurance that is worth around 100,000 Euros. When it comes to best offshore banks in the world, Nederlandse Gemeenten in Netherland is ranked one of the finest.

#4 Luxembourg

Next in line would be Luxembourg. This is a very small country. It hardly has a populated of half a million. Yet, it is one of the richest places in the world. And, it has some of the best banks you can imagine off. If you are from the United States of America, opening an account in this country might be very difficult. That is because very few banks in Luxembourg accept clients from America. Also, many firms in the country doesn’t engage in business activities with Americans. Yet, if you are from another country, the financial expertise and stability of this country’s banking network will blow you off your feet.

#5 Singapore

Another stunning destination with best offshore banks would be Singapore. For many people, this is one of their favorite spots for banking. The Nomad Capitalist destination is deemed as a tiny Financial Center that holds three of the planet’s safest financial institutions. If you wish to open a separate offshore account, you need to consider OCBC. This is recognized as the world’s strongest bank. What makes Singapore’s banking network a true success would be its theory around capital investments. It strongly believes that capital investments are made in places where it gets treated right. After all, Singapore is one of the world’s richest countries. And, it is getting harder to open an offshore account in this place. Many wealth Asians prefer Singapore over European nations like Switzerland for their banking needs.

#6 Sweden

When you think about offshore banking in Sweden, you will come across the following terms: safety, security and ease of use. Famous banks in this country would be Svenska Handelbanken, SEB, Swedbank and Nordea. Two reasons to choose Sweden for your offshore banking needs would be social success and economic quality. However, you do have a small drawback in picking this offshore location. When compared with other offshore banks, Sweden offers the highest tax rates. This means, you should think twice about investing your savings in the Swedish banks.

#7 South Korea

Offshore banking opportunities are less explored in this part of the world. A lot of offshore experts strongly believe that this is a safe destination for storing your money. Many a times, it has appeared in discussion forums that focus on safe haven currencies. Many a times, you will see South Korean banks like the Korea Development Bank, and the Industrial Bank of Korea appearing in the list of top financial institutions.

#8 Canada

Most Americans consider Canada as their first stop for offshore banking needs. Fortunately, this country has great, safe banks. However, Americans who invest in Canada will be subject to aggressive rates of interest. This means, you need to think twice before deciding on a Canadian bank. Few important banking names in Canada would be RBC, CIBC and Bank of Nova Scotia.

This brings to an end, our compilation of best offshore banks for you! These are just few of the world’s best offshore banking spots.

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