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If you are planning to open an offshore bank account, you are likely to look for the market’s finest options! The hunt for best offshore banks in the world is an interesting one. It is mainly because you have many impressive features, and services to look for. In the upcoming list of best offshore banks, you will not see services from the Caribbean. This is because, there are so many other fascinating ones to pick from! So, let’s get started.

[Note: The banks listed in this article are not pulled together in any specific order.]

Jyske Bank in Gibraltar

Does this bank sound absolutely new to you? For many offshore investors, the place Gilbraltar is rarely used. Yet, the banks in this destination are known to stand apart for competitive fees and great service. Do you know that the Jyske Bank has never burdened customers with downtime? This is how reliable and efficient their systems are. Their online banking platform remains up and running all the time! Also, credit cards obtained from this bank will never get declined, unless you enter the wrong pin. With “proficient” services, and “reliable” customer support, Jyske Bank comes with few more benefits.

One, you will have access to a competitive rate of interest. And, the bank’s savings portfolio is ranked between low and medium risk. Since the bank belongs to the Single Euro Payments Area, transfers within and across European countries are very quick and affordable.

In order to open an account with this bank, you need to make a deposit of 150,000 EUR. Documents required for opening the offshore account are “company” details and a notarized copy for your passport.

HSBC in Hong Kong

The talk about best offshore banks in the world will be incomplete without HSBC. What makes this bank special would be its easy going environment. You can gather so many details with a single phone call. This bank is famous for its telephone support systems. Above all, the act of opening an account and maintaining it with HSBC is a breeze. Unlike many other offshore banking systems, HSBC doesn’t demand its customers to maintain a big balance. Just like the previous offshore bank, discussed in this post, you will not face any downtime with HSBC accounts. Apart from maintenance, the bank’s online services are up and running all the time.

When it comes to minimum balance, HSBC has unique rules in different parts of the world. For example, if your company is small, and a budding one – you hardly need 25,000 HKD to maintain the account. When the account falls short of this balance, you will be asked to pay a fine of 50 HKD every month. This is how simple and affordable the banking environment is.

All offshore HSBC account support multi-currencies. This is a default feature offered by the bank. But, if you want to open an account with HSBC, you need to be present at the bank in person. Hence, you cannot open an account over the internet or with a representative.

Hang Seng in Hong Kong

Another interesting offshore bank in Hong Kong would be Hang Seng. This bank is officially owned by HSBC. Thus, all the services and products offered by Hang Seng are similar to HSBC. Offshore investors choose Hang Seng mainly because of its reduced fees. When compared with HSBC, you need to pay a slightly smaller figure. Also, the bank is extremely lenient in issues credit, business and debit cards.

Credit Andorra in Andorra

Now, lets venture into a different offshore destination: Andorra. Most offshore investors consider this as a splendid choice for your investments. All the accounts opened with this bank support multiple currencies. In fact, you will be astonished to see that numerous currencies are supported by this bank. Conversely, the process of sending and receiving money from Europe is quite simple at Credit Andorra. Even though this bank is not enabled by SEPA, the transactions happen quickly.

On the other hand, you will be expected to pay bigger fees than many other offshore banking systems in Europe. The extra money you pay will be offset by the number of investment possibilities offered by the bank. At Credit Andorra, you will have direct access to funds, stocks, equities, and bonds. To increase your safety measures, the bank offers an endless collection of virtual cards. These cards are also known as Cybertargetas. In these cards, you can carry as much as 2000 EUR.

When it comes to customer support, Credit Andorra has an efficient team that speaks in English, French, Spanish, Catalan and many more languages. People who wish to open a personal account are not expected to maintain a minimum balance. But, a deposit of 50,000 EUR or more has to be made. Once again, the actual figure depends on the bank you choose. In order to open an account at Credit Andorra, you need to visit the branch in person.

Banquede Luxembourg in Luxembourg

The talk about best offshore banks in the West always includes Banquede, Luxembourg. This banking system is known for offering splendid return on investment. Also, the bank is famous for its professional staff. This is one of the world’s oldest offshore banks. The bank has seen thousands of offshore investors. Hence, you have no reason to question about its experience and service.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in UAE

Finally, you have the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in Dubai. This is one of the world’s most preferred and awarded banks in the Middle East. The bank is reputed for its accounts manager department. Once you decide to open an offshore account in ADCB, you will be assigned an accounts manager. Small business owners find many opportunities in this bank. In fact, there are special credit cards to support small companies. The card is both easy to use, and get. It is deemed as an invaluable resource by most small business owners. Being a merchant bank, ADCB supports a wide range of currencies too.

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